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Sword Flag

The secret of successful commnucation!

One of the most designed flags, the sword flag is not the most popular flag that you can place in front of your office or where you want in fact. A really useful product to attract your customer’s attention in a specific area. All of this at a really nice cost and always with the best materials.

Sword flags are an efficient and an economical way for advertising and signage devices. The personalized sword flag is ideal for all types of business: it reflects a dynamic and modern image. With an elegant and slender shape, the advertising sword flag allows your visual creations to be visible from afar both indoors and outdoors. It is a communication tool that allows you to highlight the visual identity of your company inexpensively with a touch of freshness and modernity


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    Sword flag is versatile

    The main advantage of the sword flag is its versatility.Indeed, you can use it for a point-of-sale advertising, signage or for event communication both indoors and outdoors.

    To adapt your advertising flag to the environment in which it will be used, we offer several heights from 0.45 m to 2.88 m. It’s up to you to make your choice depending on the constraints of where your flag will be installed and your budget.

    Cheap and smart size flag

    Another advantage of this communication flag is that it takes up little space. The foot takes up a small space on the floor. In addition, it is easy to install in a short time and its transport is relatively easy too. Designed for outdoor use, the sword flag can be strengthened with different materials. To guarantee its stability, you benefit from a wide choice of feet in accordance with the different types of soil. This way you will be able to place it anywhere and show your brand in all situations.

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