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String Flags

Our string flags allow you to proudly display your identity and set you apart. A crucial marketing and advertising asset in a world where the visual is the preponderant element of a communication strategy. You can decorate any place, whether for an event or not. They embellish the environment and catch the eye from afar. Combined with other elements, the string flags can become a very powerful marketing tool to capture the attention of passers-by.

Our string flags are very economical and offer unbeatable value for money, especially in this time of crisis. Whether used alone or in addition to other elements, the string flags are suitable for all budgets. Whether it is to launch a new product, to publicize a temporary action in stores or even to announce the installation of a point of sale, each brand can find its account.


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    Short Time to Produce a Satisfactory Flag

    Manufacturing times are short, and modern technical means make it possible to print a quantity of string flags that corresponds to the reality of the planned event.Whether it is a temporary promotional operation or on the contrary ensuring the visibility of the brand in the long term, the string flags can be personalized with your own images, photos, but also messages, slogans or logos specific to your company. Don’t forget to use your company’s color to improve your campaign impact.

    A visible flag in a promotional event

    String flags are the ally of in-store and out-store promotional campaigns(they can also be specially treated and certified against fire).Outdoors, it becomes an interesting medium because it will become a mobile element: the wind will give it movement and thus attract the attention of customers. The string flags are also a good medium to inform customers that a temporary event is taking place inside the store. Another advantage: it is visible from a great distance!

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