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Felt Flag

Bring color to your environment in a festive atmosphere with our felt flags. These small flags are perfect for important events or gatherings. They can also be offered as a gift to customers. Our flags are both decorative but also very distinctive and can serve as decoration but also as a marketing tool to attract the attention of customers.

One of the advantages of promotional felt flags is their visibility. They are versatile tools, available in several sizes. There is a model to satisfy every event and every setting either indoors or outdoors. With our skills, you can personalize your advertising felt flags with your logo, bright colors, puns or striking images. There is no limit to customization, with the best print quality.


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    A Flag with Both Practical and Performance

    This way, your creative felt flags will directly reach your targeted customers and ensure a positive connotation to your brand, helping your business stay memorable. Advertising felt flags are portable and can even be stored in a practical carrying case, which will allow you to be more efficient and keep your campaign materials wherever you go. Your felt flag will therefore always be as striking as on the first day!

    A well-designed felt flag will last for the long haul, as its weather-resistant material will save you the hassle of constantly having to repurchase essential promotional products immediately. It is therefore a very profitable investment!

    Every Felt Flag is able to be  Customized

    Check our range of personalized felt flags, all are emblematic objects of sports or advertising communication. They will allow you to be visible from afar, to brighten up a place or an event according to the desired image. We make sure to guarantee the lowest prices, and the fastest possible delivery. The customization is total, and we will guide you if you encounter any difficulties, or if you have questions about our felt flags.

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