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We also make your flags during elections. These intense and aggressive periods require great means of communication in order to put the odds in your favor. This is why you need a reliable supplier in order to be able to deliver very large volumes of flags to you, all quickly while ensuring impeccable quality. Our experience in the field has allowed us to acquire the necessary skills to be able to respond to this type of event in just a few days. We are thus able to be very responsive to your requests without neglecting quality or creating additional disproportionate costs. If you are looking for a trusted partner for your electoral campaign, do not hesitate any longer, contact us so that we can discuss your project together.


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    With more than 21 years of experience in flag making, we have already had the opportunity to carry out several campaign projects around the world in order to meet very important demands on short notice. Each year the challenge is greater, and each year we are there. In 2014, we completed the South Africa Elections Project in 10 Days with hundreds of thousands of flags of different categories completed. In 2017, 100,000 Congolese flags printed in 3 days and 750,000 flags of Kyrgyzstan produced in 10 days. The following year, we completed over 400,000 meters of banners for Malaysia in 15 days and 1.5 million Israeli flags in 10 days. In 2019, we delivered most of the printed material for the elections in Angola with millions of clothes, hundreds of thousands of flags, millions of headscarves and millions of hats, all in 28 days.

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    We are indeed able to customize all kinds of media to your liking in order to put the odds in your favor during the campaign.Your flags will be of very good quality with bright colors that make them visible and recognizable from a great distance. You will also have the possibility of personalizing them according to the model, the size, but also the materials used for the realization. This will allow your flag to resemble the image you want to convey, accentuating the impact of your communication. All of this with the best quality and low shipping delay to make you really competitive enven in the first days. Contact us without delay so that we can discuss your project together while presenting our know-how and our production capacities. We will be glad to answer your questions and to guide you in the different steps of your project.

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