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Beach Flag

The beach flag is a major asset for visual communication. Installed at the entrance of your offices or your exhibition stand, in your reception hall or even in your parking lot, this advertising tool is presented as a sail printed in your brand colors and set on an aluminum mast or fiberglass. Indeed, its shape, its colors, its movements punctuated by the wind attract potential customers from afar. The beach flag design will remember holidays to your customers and create a nice feeling with your brand.

Our beach flags are also a weather resistant support allowing both exterior and interior use. This way, you will be able to promote your brand in all situations. The quality of our products comes from the choice of the material used for their manufacture: multipurpose polyester mesh fabric treated with fire protection. With this type of washable and easy-to-iron fabric, it will withstand the sun, strong winds and even rain to proudly brandish your brand without the print being tarnished by external aggression.


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    Ease of use of Beach Flags

    If this solution is also taken by companies, it is because it allows incomparable ease of use. This tool is both easy to install and take apart. You can move it anywhere in less than a minute without effort. Moreover, the advertising flame can be changed in just a few minutes to display new information, for example. Totally detachable, you can ensure its maintenance like washable polyester clothes and also easy to iron to be reused effectively. You can also, therefore, replace it to communicate new information according to your visibility or publicity needs.

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