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Advertising Flag

Perfect for indoor and outdoor communication, the advertising flag is a large format signage of very high quality. To this end, our personalized flags will find their place both indoors (trade fair, fair, exhibition, museum, etc.) and outdoors (storefront, market, near a beach, on a sidewalk, a car park…). All our advertising flags are printed using textile sublimation, de facto guaranteeing a washable, ironable, and long-lasting visual. Without further ado, create a flag with your effigy: all our sail flag models are 100% customizable. Using the templates available to you, you can easily customize your sail so that it perfectly matches the desired rendering!

The advertising flag is a preferred communication medium during a pandemic period. Indeed, open businesses need to gain visibility and communicate with a large clientele. This is why we recommend this large format signage which will be ideal for advertising at your point of sale. The advertising flag consists of a sail held in place by a mast.


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    Easy way to get visibility

    This marketing support will allow you to communicate from afar to a large audience: pedestrians moving on the sidewalk, cyclists and cars traveling on the road.Opt for an advertising flag because it is easy and quick to install in front of your window and your store front door, the sail fluttering in the wind will always be very effective in capturing the eyes of passers-by and arouse their interest. Consider having your veil printed in the colors of your business or choose the printing of a clear and effective “Open” message. If you offer a pick-up service, have your pick and collect sail flag printed or a take-out flag.

    Small and Bulk order of flag advertising

    Whatever your business: restaurant, bookstore, florist, ready-to-wear …you will have everything to gain by selecting an advertising flag. In addition, you can redeem a flag refill and modify your advertising message whenever you want! So go ahead and opt for an advertising flag printing in your image and put all the assets on your side.

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