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About our company

Guangzhou Huiyi Textile Technology Co. Ltd. is located in the Hesha Yuxian Road Industrial Zone of Guangzhou Liwan District. It was founded in 1999, and offers a wide range of customizable production, research and development pole, and a sales pole. As one of the professional flag production companies, we can export to any country you want with ease.

We are a national professional flag production factory, with more than 21 years experience in the field. An advantage that allows us to excel in our field and to offer a high quality service to our customers, by having substantial means of production in order to meet their massive needs. A historic company with strong values ​​and concerned about the satisfaction of its customers, which develops new solutions every day in order to best meet their needs and put all the chances on their side for their project.

Our business and services

We offer a wide customizable range. Among the main products are the advertising flag, fan scarf, magic scarf, imitation silk square, advertising shirt and a series of fabric products. The company has earned the trust of customers around the world through its affordable prices, advanced digital technology and high-quality service. We have regular flag pole designs with no stencil fees and supplied stainless steel flags with accessories.

We are always looking for quality to improve our performance and our performance, which is why we are today one of the major players in the field. We are very responsive, and we can achieve high quality massive prints in just a few days to meet the different needs of our customers, even the most urgent.

What we can offer you

Our personalization service knows no bounds. This is how you can print colored flags, add your company logo to them or simply reproduce national flags. It is also possible to add personal sentences or images to push the personalization even further. You therefore have all the possibilities available, an ideal solution when looking to develop an impactful communication strategy with a strong brand identity.

Our customizable products can be combined with each other in order to attract the attention from far away to get the desired message across and offer an effective and little marketing solution in order to become profitable very easily. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, we will be very happy to assist you. Our experts can advise you on your needs, also learn more about our production capacity and the high level of the requirement of  our services.

Sword Flag

One of the most designed flags, the sword flag is not the most popular flag that you can place in front of your office or where you want in fact. A really useful product to attract your customer's attention in a specific area. All of this at a really nice cost and always with the best materials.

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Beach Flag

The beach flag is a major asset for visual communication. Installed at the entrance of your offices or your exhibition stand, in your reception hall or even in your parking lot, this advertising tool is presented as a sail printed in your brand colors and set on an aluminum mast or fiberglass.

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Table Flags

Whether you are a political party, a company or a humanitarian organization, table flags allow you to decorate your professional office and your reception counter in the colors of your choice.

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Felt Flag

Bring color to your environment in a festive atmosphere with our felt flags. These small flags are perfect for important events or gatherings. They can also be offered as a gift to customers.

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String Flags

Our string flags allow you to proudly display your identity and set you apart. A crucial marketing and advertising asset in a world where the visual is the preponderant element of a communication strategy. You can decorate any place, whether for an event or not.

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Hand Flag

Conquer the crowd with our hand flags. You will be able to enjoy the spectacle of a large number of people waving the hand flag of your brand or your message.Personalize it with bright colors so that these little flags are a real eye-catcher and make an impression.

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Car Flag

By choosing our custom car flags and vehicle flags, you are ensuring a strong, successful brand image that will proudly flaunt in the wind as you ride. Get all eyes on you while your vehicles are on the move with our customizable car flags.

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National Flag

By choosing our custom national flags, you can create the flags of the country you want completely custom-made. It can be for a sporting event or an international ceremony in which different countries must be represented.

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Advertising Flag

Perfect for indoor and outdoor communication, the advertising flag is a large format signage of very high quality. To this end, our personalized flags will find their place both indoors (trade fair, fair, museum, etc.) and outdoors (storefront, market, near a beach...).

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